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NFL Power Rankings: Bye Bye Bye (Bye Bye)

4-0 seems like a long time ago. What was once a promising season, has very quickly entered into the "Danger Zone". A bye week will certainly help in more ways then one, but the opponent waiting for them when the Cards return to action is quite daunting, in the form of the undefeated Atlanta Falcons. Speaking of the Atlanta Falcons, they happen to on the top of this weeks Revenge of the Birds Power Rankings.

Jonathan Daniel

1. Atlanta Falcons - Halloween has come and gone, and this game will be played in mid November, yet I'm still scared. Why couldn't we get an easy schedule?

2. San Francisco 49ers - And to think the Cards could have taken first place in the NFC West with a victory last Monday. Chances of grabbing first place again are fleeting.

3. Houston Texans - 8-8 no more for Houston. JJ Watt's monster campaign is certainly helping to get them over that hump.

4. Chicago Bears - The Bears defense is just ridiculous. They have roughly have the amount of points scored defensively as the Jaguars have in total points.

5. Green Bay Packers - At least we didn't make Aaron Rodgers look like the best quarterback ever right? Rodgers never really got into a rhythm, but the Pack rushed the ball at will, and Aaron tossed 4 TDs.

6. New England Patriots - Remember when the Cardinals beat New England at home? Ya, me neither. Brady and co have only gone up since then, and well, you know the story for Zona.

7. Baltimore Ravens - Somehow a ten point win over Cleveland just doesn't seem all that impressive. Injuries have really hurt the Ravens, and the juries out on how big an impact that'll have on them.

8. Denver Broncos - Freaky stat: Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck are both sitting at 5-3, with the exact same amount of yards passing. Denver is a better team than Indy, but that just speaks to the impact Luck has on the Colts.

9. New York Giants - They coughed up a big lead against the Cowboys (and should have lost were it not for Dez's big hands), and lost against the Steelers. Haven't looked like World Champs, but the talent is there.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers can somehow just plug and play whichever RB happens to be healthy on any given week, and have a successful offense. Work's for Pittsburgh, not for Fantasy Football Owners.

11. Seattle Seahawks - Great defense, good offense. Look what happens when the coach gives the rookies and young guys a shot. Still won't make me like Pete Caroll.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - I was a big fan of Tampa Bay's offense before Doug Martin exploded. Now they possess a potential top 10 offense. The other good DT from the 2010, Gerald McCoy, has been a stud this season.

13. Indianapolis Colts - Luck's got a little bit of Favre in him. He'll take some risky shots downfield, trusting his arm to put it in tight windows, and he should trust it.

14. Miami Dolphins - Their so called "Top 5" defense just gave up the most passing yards to a rookie QB ever. They still have a top 5 defense, it just got torched by a very good young quarterback.

15. Detroit Lions - Can someone please let me know which version is the real Detroit Lions? Consistently inconsistent. Fun Madden Curse Fact: Calvin Johnson has been tackled inside the 2 yard line 5 times this season.

16. Minnesota Vikings - It certainly is fun watching Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson fight over who is the more important offensive piece in Minnesota.

17. Washington Redskins - Almost everyone thought that the Robert Griffin III led Redskins would be more successful than the Andrew Luck led Colts. Almost everyone is looking wrong.

18. Dallas Cowboys - Close only counts in horse shoes and power rankings. Cowboys have battled hard in the last two games against two good teams. That effort will result in wins against weaker opponents, but knowing Dallas, they won't bring that effort.

19. New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees sure likes playing in a dome, and the Saints may have saved their season with that victory on Monday Night Football.

20. San Diego Chargers - They may have only beaten the Chiefs, but I want to believe in the Chargers. With Norv at the helm, its probably a bad idea though.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals have done a good job protecting their QB of the future, now Andy Dalton has to repay them by playing like one.

22. Arizona Cardinals - The Cardinals have limped into their bye week, in more ways then one. OLB O'Brien Schofield tweeted that he is out for the year, giving the Cardinals another issue to worry about. At least Nate Potter looked good in relief of D'Anthony Batiste.

23. St Louis Rams - They got a whole week to fester in their embarrassing loss to the Patriots in London. Both St. Louis and Arizona need their defenses to step up to the NFC West calibre if they want to keep their offenses in the game.

24. Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles have long been touted as a very talented team that, for some reason, hasn't been able to put it all together. How long can they be called talented, and still under perform time and time again?

25. Buffalo Bills - #FreeCJSpiller

26. Oakland Raiders - Tough loss for Oakland losing essentially on a Carson Palmer turnover, but you'll get no sympathy from Bengals fans. Only laughs at what you gave up to get Palmer.

27. Tennessee Titans - Giving up 51 points is never a good thing. At least Chris Johnson was able to put together another nice game for the Titans.

28. Cleveland Browns - Not much to look forward to in Cleveland football wise. Brandon Weeden would be developing nicely, if he were a young QB. I'm just worried that he'll be past his prime before he even fully develops.

29. Carolina Panthers - Good for Cam, he beat RG3. Maybe now he can stop moping around everywhere.

30. New York Jets - Bye week. Tebow Time. Rinse. Repeat.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars - At least they have Eugene Monroe. Now they only need to look for their QB of the future.

32. Kansas City Chiefs - Alabama vs KC Cheifs, who do you got?