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Arizona Cardinals 'not going to be afraid to make a change' during bye week

The team to use the bye week as a chance to reflect and renew. But what will those changes be?

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Jonathan Daniel

Ken Whisenhunt once again stated how disappointing it was to lose 31-17 to the Green Bay Packers. Now the Arizona Cardinals begin their bye week. They have practice in Tuesday and Wednesday before there are no football activities from Thursday to Sunday.

When Whisenhunt addressed the media on Monday, the topic of change came up.

"I think we're going to look at what we're doing and who we're doing it with," he said. However, he made sure to emphasize that they "are not going to be afraid to make a change."

We already know that rookie left tackle Nate Potter will start again in Atlanta after the bye. Whisenhunt said he was pleased with his play and that after having looked at the game tape that he should continue to play.

Another change that is happening is increased play for Michael Floyd. Early Doucet dropped another couple of passes, making it easy to ease the rookie in. Said Whisenhunt, as noted by Kent Somers for AZCentral, "Michael's been playing well for us and as I hope you would have noticed over the last few games, his reps have increased. That's a trend you would expect."

An unrelated change will be likely Quentin Groves starting in place of O'Brien Schofield, who is lost for the season with an ankle injury.

Other changes?

It does not sound like there will be a change at quarterback.

Would it be at running back? Perhaps, but the coaching staff has made no insinuation that LaRod Stephens-Howling would get less time, especially with Beanie Wells coming back to practice this week.

The only other possible changes that seem to make any sense at all would be to have Jamell Fleming see more playing time and maybe more snaps for Stew Bradley.

Outside of that, unless there are coaching changes to be had, I can't imagine any happening in-season.

Are there any other changes you would like to see? More specifically, what otehr changes do you think are viable?