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Beanie Wells to begin practicing again this week, on target to return at the end of the month

Cardinals running back Beanie Wells is set to start practicing and could return from the IR later this month.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Cardinals running back Beanie Wells is on pace to return to the team by the end of the month. And with the running game the Cardinals have featured lately, this is great news. Here is the tweet from team writer, Darren Urban:

The bruising back injured his toe against the Eagles in week 3 and was placed on the NFL's new IR/designated to return list, allowing him to come back in week 12 when the Cardinals host the St. Louis Rams for their season finale.

This will be a huge addition to the team in multiple ways. While LaRod Stephens-Howling is a great back to have on your roster, he is not the type of player that should be running up the gut of the defense trying to gain yards with his 5'7", 185 pound frame. He is more explosive catching screen passes and running the ball outside the tackles.

With Wells, the Cardinals can try to get their run game sparked once again. The offensive line has down a less than adequate job in the run blocking department this season, so hopefully a fresh Beanie Wells can add something to get them going.

Wells is set to return soon and Stephens-Howling being able to return to a role he thrives in, the Cardinals might just be able to salvage their season.

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