Get rid of the GM in the NFL

I was thinking about this the other day. The issue of accountability in the NFL. The General Manager is responsible for (football operations) However? The Coach is responsible for results on the field. Isn't this process convoluted? Why would a Head Coach want to be responsible, for results of players and talent ,that he had no choice in any way? So when results turn out to be bad? Why would it be possible for a Head Coach to get axed and the GM get to stick around?

My point really is? That the two work together to pick players and salaries. Ultimately this goes through Ownership's approval. A Head Coach wants his guys so that if he goes down? He goes down,with it having been a result of his own choices. Essentially,the Owner is the President and the Coach/GM is the Vice President? Wait! So who gets fired if things go south? Shouldn't they both be held accountable,and be removed? This starts the process anew and assures that remnants of a failed system do not stick around.

How about the NFL simplify the process and eliminate the GM position altogether? Essentially this eliminates the old (blame game) that happens when programs fail. Since the Coach gets the blame? Let him have the opportunity to fully succeed. The GM position is just another guy to blame or praise. This way the fans know that if a guy fails badly? His regime is totally replaced. After all? The Owners will always have the final say. You can't fire them. Doesn't this make sense? Hmmmmm? It does to me!

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