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Arizona Cardinals waive offensive tackle Jeremy Bridges

After being placed on injured reserve before the season began, the Arizona Cardinals have reached an injury settlement with Jeremy Bridges, releasing him from the roster.

Christian Petersen

If any of you were hoping Jeremy Bridges would be back in 2013 as a backup offensive lineman for the Cardinals, your dreams might have been crushed on Monday.

The Arizona Cardinals reached an injury settlement with Bridges, removing him from the injured reserve list and waiving him. Bridges is now a free agent and free to sign with any team after having cleared waivers on Tuesday.

This tells us a couple of things:

First, the Cardinals must be confident that they will be bringing in some additional talent next season. They know that D'Anthony Batiste is neither a long nor short term answer. Nate Potter is still very raw, but could easily be a serviceable backup tackle, preferably on the left side. Arizona must be happy with his development thus far to choose him over Bridges.

It also tells us that Levi Brown should be good to go by the time next season rolls around. Again, it may not matter if he is or isn't based on what they do in the draft and free agency, but he could easily come back and be a starter on either side of the line. He has experience both as a left and right tackle. Bobby Massie, even if he has struggled mightily in his rookie season, is an option as well.

Whether you feel the talent is adequate or not, there were just too many people ahead of Bridges on the depth chart to justify his veteran salary and keeping him on the roster. Brown, Massie, Potter and whoever else they bring in would have likely been on the field before Bridges.

The team could just as easily bring him back as well, assuming he is not signed by another team.

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