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Kevin Kolb hoping to return soon, but still in pain when he throws

The Cardinals are looking for a boost at the quarterback position, which the injured Kevin Kolb could provide. Unfortunately, it does not sound as if he will be back for a while.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

If you think about all the mechanics that the body goes through while throwing a football, it should come as no surprise that Kevin Kolb is still having some issues going through the motions. He admitted as much on Monday after he threw a few balls on the practice field. Reporters were there to talk to him afterwards, asking him how it felt to get back to some light work on the field:

It seems highly unlikely that the Cardinals attempt to rush him back, either. Kolb knows that he needs to get back on the field as soon as he can so as to save his job for next season, but rushing back with an injured set of ribs isn't going to do him any good. It would probably behoove him to keep taking light work, trying to avoid the soreness that accompanies it.

For now, it sounds like Cardinals fans will be stuck with watching John Skelton for a while. If he gets injured, the team would then turn to Ryan Lindley. It is not out of the question for the team to possibly reactivate Kolb soon so as to use him as an emergency QB.

Then there is always the question of whether or not Kolb even regains the starting job once he returns. That is something we will have to wait and see on to find out.

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