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Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt has long talk with tight end Todd Heap

Coach Whisenhunt, just like the fans, seems to be getting a little tired of waiting for Todd Heap to return to the field.

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Christian Petersen

The Cardinals are currently in a tailspin that they desperately need to find a way out of. The team has lost their past five games, each one for a few different reasons. One of the things that has hurt them throughout the season is their lack of offensive firepower. More specifically, they are missing that combo tight end that can be on the field both as a blocker and a receiver.

The Cards thought they had their guy when they signed Todd Heap, a free agent after being cut by the Ravens, before the 2011 season. But over the past season and a half, Heap has actually missed more games than he has played. Appearing in just 12 contests, we know the likelihood of Heap getting another contract with the team after this season is low. But what about right now?

Reporters at Cardinals practice the other day spotted Ken Whisenhunt having an abnormally long talk with Heap as they strolled the sidelines during warmups. Kent Somers noted that it was in fact about Heap's injury and the excessive amount of games that he has missed.

After practice, both Whisenhunt and Heap declined to make a comment to the media. That in itself told them all they needed to know. Obviously, Whiz, just like the fans, is disappointed that Heap has not been able to step on the field since week 2 against the Patriots when he apparently strained his knee. Maybe it was more or maybe it is just taking that long to heal. No one truly knows.

What we do know is that the Cards believe they need Heap back on the field. I personally think having Rob Housler out there is better anyways, but it is true that he is not as much of a dual threat in terms of the blocking game as Heap.

Will this little chat with Whisenhunt spur Heap to get back on the field a little faster? We will find out after the bye week.

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