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When (if) Kevin Kolb returns, he should start for the Arizona Cardinals

Kevin Kolb is injured right now, but when he comes back, he should be the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.


The Arizona Cardinals are really missing Kevin Kolb.

His ability to evade pressure in the pocket by using his feet, his knack for being able to throw well on the run and his overall decision making is better than that of John Skelton. Disagree with me, that's fine. It's all about what the numbers say.

Kolb is just about 4% higher in terms of throwing accuracy. But Kolb had 8 touchdowns to just 3 interceptions in his 5 1/4 games played. As for Skelton? He has 2 TDs and 5 INTs in 3 3/4 games. Kolb eludes the rush better, throws more touchdowns, throws more accurately, and, I believe, leads the team better.

And for those of you that enjoyed using the 'but Skelton wins games' excuse, how is that working for you now? The team has lost their last five straight. I am not claiming that Kolb can come back and immediately turn it all around. What I am saying is that the Cards have a better chance of getting out of their tailspin with him at the helm.

With all of this in mind, it is pretty obvious who should be the starting quarterback when Kolb is healthy. Skelton hasn't even played well enough to keep fans from asking when Ryan Lindley will get his shot. At least Kolb was able to hold off the booing.

Kolb should be the starter, but it isn't a mortal lock that he will be. Remember, Skelton was initially named the starter by Coach Whisenhunt. Will he be able to go against his initial decision for the better of the team? I certainly hope so.

What do you all think? Who should be the starter if both Kolb and Skelton are healthy? Tell us in the comments section and vote in the poll.

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