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Is Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell injured?

Some mysterious things happened in the locker room on Tuesday forcing people to ask if Calais Campbell is hurt.

Jonathan Daniel

Kent Somers, the Cardinals beat writer for the Arizona Republic, noticed some very strange activity from Calais Campbell this past Tuesday. He noted that Campbell was hobbling around a little bit with what looked to be some sort of leg injury. XTRA 910's Mike Jurecki later noted that he was hearing something about a hamstring injury, but could not get it confirmed.

No one from the team has come out and stated that Campbell is in fact dealing with a hamstring injury. He did not practice on Tuesday, though, which is somewhat alarming. Here are the tweets from Somers:

The Cardinals do not have to notify anyone if Campbell is hurt, though. It is their bye week and no injury reports have to be handed in to the league if the team is not playing. That will give the team time to evaluate Campbell and see if he can come back and play against the Falcons next Sunday if he really is injured.

It also stands to reason that the team re-signed defensive end Ronald Talley earlier this week. It may be a smoke screen, as I saw Jess mention somewhere, but it could also be more depth at a position where they were already thin before Campbell hurt himself.

Either way, these are troubling times to be a Cardinals fan. First the team goes on a five game losing streak and now they lose one of their best defensive players (possibly)? What's next?

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