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What is your pregame ritual/game-watching setup?

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

If you watch every single Arizona Cardinals game, the television is very important because it is the only way to get their road games. Now, I will admit that I am a little spoiled in the sense that when home games come around, I have a seat in the press box. But when the team is on the road, my fake job of running ROTB and SB Nation Arizona does not afford me trips to the games on the road.

That is where my comfy TV setup comes in.

I have my TV setup in my living room hooked up to my sound system. My seat used to be a recliner in optimal angle/sound position. That has been replaced with the end of a sectional, which is still optimized. I sit there with a tray of food on the ottoman, my laptop in my lap to tweet during the game and write if I am doing game update, and then my wife or the kids by my side watching the game.

Mine I know is nothing spectacular.

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