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Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton wants to take advantage of 'dysfunctional' Jets

Ray Horton told Arizona Sports 620 that he plans on taking full advantage of the Jets' 'dysfunctional' play.

Christian Petersen

Ray Horton seems to know what he is doing.

Not only does he lead one of the most stellar defenses in the NFL, he can pick up on things from film or in game that most coordinators may never notice. You may recall back when the Cardinals played the Patriots in week two, Horton claimed that New England was tipping all of their plays. From that, he took full advantage and used it against them, leading the Cards to a victory.

Now, Horton claims that from what he has seen on film from the Jets, he will be able to use their weaknesses against them as well.

Horton was on Arizona Sports 620 where he told the world that he wants to, "take advantage of their ills."

"They have been hurt, they lost their best receiver, their line has been struggling a little bit, and I saw their offensive line coach complaining about who makes the decision on who plays," he said.

He went on to say that he wants to add a lot of confusion and disarray for their quarterback, Mark Sanchez to look at. All of the uncertainty should help put more pressure on New York and allow the Cardinals to come up with some big plays on the defensive side of the ball.

It is imperative that the defense has a huge game for the Cardinals this Sunday. The offense has done little to nothing all year long, especially once Kevin Kolb was injured against the Bills. With Ryan Lindley under center, the defense will need to create timely turnovers, give Lindley a short field to work with and keep him from having to make big plays to pull the game out at the end.

If Horton and his defense can live up to what he has been saying, this should be a promising game for Arizona. Maybe they can finally put a halt to their big slide.

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