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Cardinals vs. Seahawks: Who was the player of the game?

Even through the ugliness that was the Cardinals' 58-0 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday, we are still forced to name a player of the game.

Otto Greule Jr

Life is all about doing the things that you do not necessarily want to do.

That is why we are going to name a player of the game for the Arizona Cardinals for their "efforts" against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Yes, the game was ugly. Yes, the Cards have now lost their ninth straight game. And yes, jobs will likely be lost because of this. Still, we have to see who performed. Let's look at the nominees.

Rob Housler

Housler caught 7 passes for 36 yards on 10 targets. He actually appeared to be one of the few players who did not give up towards the latter end of the game. He was still fighting for yardage after every reception and trying to get his team at least three points. Unfortunately, it just did not pan out for him.

Paris Lenon

Lenon was another player that performed well against the 'Hawks. He had a deflected pass on Russell Wilson early on in the game. He also led the team in tackles with 13, 7 of them coming via the solo variety. The amazing part is that he did all of this with an ankle injury, which he left for a few plays because of in the first quarter. As one of the captains of the defense, he cannot be happy with his unit's performance.

LaRod Stephens-Howling

LSH was not particularly effective in the run game with his 2 rushes for 5 yards, but he was an asset in the kick returning game. Given that the Seahawks had 58 points, that gave Stephens-Howling plenty of opportunity to make a play in the return game. He had a long return of 38 yards and a total of 6 returns for 138 yards. Hopefully he can turn one of those into a touchdown before the season is over.

Dave Zastudil

One of the most unheralded players throughout this season has been Zastudil. He has consistently been a weapon for the team and was once again in Seattle. He managed to pin Russell Wilson and the Seahawks back in their own 20 twice before the day was done. He had to punt just six times on Sunday, but boy did it feel like more than that.

What do you think? Is there anyone I am missing? Vote in the poll and leave your comments below.

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