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Cardinals V.S. Seahawks; 5 Positives

Honestly, I really doubt there were any positives.

Whiz shoulda.....
Whiz shoulda.....
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1) Err.... William Powell?
He's showing us he's better than anyone on our roster going up the middle and making plays. Howling can do the same, just on the outside. Maybe Wells and Williams should be released?

2) Umm.... No Fighting?
To be honest I was expecting Whisenhunt to throw a 1,2 at Carrol after the game, leave Arizona with dignity in the Fanbase. But it would have amounted in a huge fine and if the punch didn't get Whiz fired, the amount of money taken away from the cheap Bidwells would have gotten him fired.

3) Ehh.... It could have been worse?
I mean there could have been 60 points on the board for the Seahawks, but Carrol realized that after his 4th and 23 decision failed he wasn't going to break any record book.

4) The fact that there are even three positives:
It's hard to write these. Especially following a 58-0 blow out.

5) Fitz streak continues:
We got him his catch, albeit two yards...