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Cardinals Claim Brian Hoyer off of Waiver Wires & Other Notes

Cards made their first signing at Quarterback, will he make a difference? Possibly.

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Jim McIsaac

Cardinals finally decided that none of their current QB's are going to win games. They made a move on Waiver Wires for the recently released, Brian Hoyer. Now he may not be ready by the Lions game but he will be ready for the Bears, and the Niners. Hopefully he's ready come Sunday, but we'll see how this goes.

Hoyer was an UDFA out of Michigan State, that was signed by the Patriots. He spent time there amassing 286 yards 1 TD and 1 INT, before being released this Preseason. He then went to Pittsburgh while Ben Roethlisberger was out injured, and didn't receiver any playing time, before ultimately coming to Arizona today. From what I have gathered from friends who saw him in the Preseason and in College, is that he is smart and takes care of the ball. He knows defenses well and can usually spot the soft spot pre-snap. His only problem is if he sees that soft spot early, he'll stare down the guy who's going to that spot.

Other news... Kolb season could come to an end due to his injury, Whisenhunt has yet to do so but it's on the tables. I personally think this will happen in order to add another Lineman.

Rich Ohrnberger was placed on IR after suffering the injury in the Seattle game. This means we can add a third rookie to the mix on the O-Line, Scott Wedige, and possibly a fourth is Senio Kelemete is upgraded this Sunday.

Receiver Isaiah Williams cut from the Practice Squad today too, welcome to the Practice Squad Lindley...

Safety Adrian Wilson believes his time in the desert is over come this offseason. In an article released by the Arizona Central, Wilson discusses how his decreased play time makes him feel, “Definitely makes me ponder about my future,” he said. “I love the guys that I play with and I love this organization. It’s tough to take right now.”