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NFL Power Rankings: So Bad It Hurts Edition

We've been through some tough things as Cardinals fans, but this certainly must be one of the lowest points, especially in recent memory. Nine game losing streak, a carousel of mediocrity at QB, an inability to utilize our best offensive weapon, a 58 point loss, and a team that looks like it doesn't care anymore. The Cardinal's at this point are one of the worst teams in the NFL, and the worst part is that they won't get the draft pick that reflects that. Thanks for the false hope four game winning streak! Rant over, let's talk about some of the actual good teams in the NFL.

Kevin Casey

1. New England Patriots - Somehow, in a week that the Patroits won 42-14, they still did not have the most dominant performance. Difference is, they dominated a very good team, and that get's them the top spot.

2. San Francisco 49ers - Elite offense, elite defense, 49ers look Super Bowl bound. Bonus for them: they could probably go all the way to the big dance with either guy under center.

3. Denver Broncos - Watching Peyton Manning and the Broncos just makes me sad, thinking about what could have been. This season could have been so different.

4. Houston Texans - They may have benefited from an easy schedule (essentially the opposite of Arizona's) but Houston still has a ton of talent. Roads only going to get harder though, and Houston will have to prove itself.

5. Green Bay Packers - Watching what Aaron Rodgers is doing with his group of players in Green Bay, including a below average offensive line, keeps me awake at night wonder what it would be like to have a top 5 QB in the desert.

6. New York Giants - In most weeks, putting up a 50 burger on a team would land you as the high scoring team of the week, but this was not most weeks. G-men are heating up in December again.

7. Atlanta Falcons - Speaking of turning a certain temperature during December, here come the Falcons. Close games of late makes it appear as if Atlanta is getting into its usual Playoff form. Is another first round exit in store for this talented squad?

8. Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck, sigh. Maybe Arizona just need a good old-fashioned tank to get that superstar franchise QB. I sense a trend developing in the commentary of this power ranking (woah, fourth wall being torn down).

9. Seattle Seahawks - I really, really, really, really don't like Pete Carroll. That being said, the Seahawks are a really good team, and Russell Wilson is a very promising young quarterback. Kudos and respect to everyone but your HC and Richard Sherman, Seattle.

10. Chicago Bears - Bears kept it close in a game that Adrian Peterson was nearly unstoppable. They control their own destiny in regards to the playoffs, and have proven they're a good team when healthy.

11. Baltimore Ravens - Its close right now ranking Baltimore and PIttsburgh, but I'm giving Baltimore the edge. Their offensive style just seems more suited to play in a shootout against offensive power houses. It's all up to Joe Flacco to keep the Ravens in the game.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers have looked great at times, and then they go and lose to the San Diego Chargers. Chargers fans are probably mad at the Steelers too, for prolonging Norv Turner's tenure by at least one game.

13. Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals culminate the trio of AFC North teams in the hunt for both the division title and the two wild card spots. They control their own destiny, but have to face both Pittsburgh and Baltimore to end the season.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Bucs will be a very good team, very soon, but for now, it'll be tough sledding to make it into the postseason. They need to win out and will need some help to have any shot, but regardless Tampa Bay has a lot of very good pieces in place already.

15. Washington Redskins - The nation's capital holds is collective breath as they await word on the severity of Robert Griffin III's injury. I really hope he's ok, and I really hope that the Skins make the playoffs. Also, I really wish he was on Arizona (At least I have Madden for ridiculous fantasies like that).

16. Dallas Cowboys - Tragedy strikes the NFL again this week, and once again the team effected wins with heavy hearts. Dallas is alive and kicking in the hunt for a wild card spot.

17. Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson or Peyton Manning for Comeback Play of the Year? Considering the severity of Peterson's injury, and the fact that he's playing even better than before, he's got a strong case.

18. New Orleans Saints - Playoffs, schmlayoffs. No team underneath the Saints on this power ranking poses more of a threat to those above it than the Saints. Elite QBs go a long way.

19. San Diego Chargers - San Diego would come in second on my list of spoiler teams. Talent is there to pull off some surprise victories.

20. St. Louis Rams - I may be in a dark place (a 9 game losing streak'll do that), but the Cardinals are quickly looking like they'll be left behind in the NFC West. St. Louis is already a good team, with strong coaching, and two first rounders to work with this year.

21. Miami Dolphins - I like their status now as a spoiler and a like their status in the near future with Tannehill and that defense. Two very promising teams in the sunshine state.

22. Cleveland Browns - Depressing realization of the day: the Cleveland Browns have a brighter future than the Cardinals at the moment. Even so, head coaches of both teams will likely be looking for a new job soon.

23. Detroit Lions - If the Lions give Stafford some protection next season, and reel in some of their defensive players, the Lions will make the playoffs next year. Not in the books this year though.

24. Buffalo Bills - The Bills really need to go hard after a young QB they like in the upcoming draft. Can't just keep adding complimentary pieces and hoping a QB will fall in their lap.

25. Tennessee Titans - Next season will be big for Jake Locker. Titans can use the draft and free agency to focus solely on building around Locker, and then see what he can do with the reigns.

26. New York Jets - Don't be fooled by the wins that they got, they're still a bad team led by Mark Sanchez. Unfortunately for the Jets, they won't be draft near to where their talent level dictates they should be.

27. Philadelphia Eagles - Remember early in the season, when Philly and the Cards met up as two of the early season contenders. Seems like decades ago. Good game from University of Arizona's Nick Foles though.

28. Carolina Panthers - Feel good win for the Panthers against division rival Atlanta. Cam looked like Cam of old, and a QB capable of winning games for his team.

29. Kansas City Chiefs - All of these last four teams are bad, so the question becomes, if they we're to play each other in an intricate four team simultaneous game of football which team is the most likely to win? KC has the most talent in place

30. Arizona Cardinals - This season really stings. So much promise, gone so quickly and in such a demoralizing fashion. I have been one of the strongest Whiz supporters (or maybe apologists), but something's got to change. His early round draft evaluation is looking really poor right now. This list of first rounders under Whiz does not inspire much confidence: Levi Brown, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Beanie Wells, Dan Williams, Patrick Peterson, Michael Floyd.

31. Oakland Raiders - Speaking of bad decisions: Carson Palmer. Raiders better hope that they struck gold in Terrelle Pryor, or they could be bad for a while.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars - I don't see Jacksonville GM Gene Smith surviving this offseason. And if he doesn't does the new GM stick with Gabbert or look to the draft for his own guy?