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Ken Whisenhunt will finish season as Arizona Cardinals head coach

The writing may be on the wall for Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, but he will still finish the season as the team's coach nonetheless.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Whisenhunt is a goner after this season. The writing is on the wall. After a third straight year with at least a six game losing streak, it is time for the Cards to move on. It was a good run. He brought the team to the Super Bowl and helped the organization sore to new heights.

Although the Cards owe Whisenhunt in excess of $5 million next season, Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill announced on Monday to the media that money will have no factor in determining if Whisenhunt is still right for the job. But for now, he will remain the team's head coach. At least, for this season, anyhow.

Instead of trying to get a leg up on the competition by searching for an outside candidate or locking up Ray Horton to be their new head coach, the Cardinals brass has decided to give Whiz the rest of this already demolished season to prove that he can turn things around. And, although highly improbable, if he were to win the last few games, who is to say he cannot?

Still, it seems highly unlikely that Whisenhunt is the head coach beyond 2012-13. He has lost control of the locker room by all accounts, players no longer respect his demands and the team simply cannot win under his direction. Everything is a mess.

Bidwill noted that it would be unfair of him to make a rash decision based on one drubbing and that he would take part of the offseason to evaluate Whisenhunt's performance instead.

Smart move? Maybe. Given what the Cards already have in place with their defense and some of the skill positions, the team may be one of the most coveted jobs this offseason anyhow. The team can afford to wait. The question is if it is even worth waiting.

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