The Bidwill's and some updated numbers.

I did a post some weeks back. Here it is!

My reason for the post? I was beginning to realize all too painfully the results of this Ownership. The reality is? This Organization has given us fans very little sustenance. Very little to be proud of. A lot of negativity and a little bit of positivity. Now with the extra losses? Here is their record since coming to the valley. 145 wins/ 245 losses. That's 100 more losses than wins. Now that is?(over 6 seasons of losses in themselves)

The popular argument at the time? Mike Bidwill was different than daddy and willing to spend. Partly true partly false. They were unwilling to sign a free agent QB/O-lineman to shore up weaknesses when we were competitive and in the hunt. They didn't address the RB position knowing that Beannie's injury was going to limit him. That's just 2 issues I am aware of.

Now with the extra losses and this debacle of a season? The Mike Bidwill argument does not hold water! What is your confidence level as to the intentions of this Ownership group? Remember? They got a tax payer funded Stadium. They share the revenues of the NFL, including TV money. You think we are in for many more seasons of apathy?

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