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Cardinals trying out players in hopes of providing an offensive spark

With the Cardinals' addition of Brian Hoyer and the trying out of Fozzy Whitaker, it has become clear what the Cardinals plan on doing for their final three games.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The season may be over, but there are still big decisions to be made based on what happens in the final three games.

Ken Whisenhunt is on the brink of losing his job, the quarterback situation remains unsettled, even after the signing of Brian Hoyer on Monday and other positions need to be filled. The Cardinals are looking for a spark all along the offense, whether that is at quarterback, running back, offensive line, or at wide receiver.

That is why Hoyer was picked up off of waivers. And that is why the team recently tried out former Texas Longhorns running back, Fozzy Whitaker according to NFL insider Aaron Wilson:

Will Whitaker make the team? That doesn't matter. The point is that the Cardinals appear to be traveling down the trail of trying anything that works. If they can somehow find a diamond in the rough that doesn't require an offensive line to block for him, the team may be able to save a few jobs. They see that Beanie Wells has been rendered ineffective, LaRod Stephens-Howling is too small behind this 'talented' offensive line and William Powell just makes too many mental errors. With that, they are using these last three games as a tryout for Whitaker, Hoyer and other players to see if they can be added to the team in 2013.

These last ditch efforts will likely prove futile in the end, as the writing is on the wall for much of the Cardinals' personnel. We don't even know if the team will choose to bring back it's veteran stars that have been a mainstay since before their Super Bowl glory days.

Whitaker? Hoyer? It doesn't matter. The season is over. What does matter is whether or not these actions will be able to save jobs. Time will tell in just a matter of weeks.

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