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Cardinals Draft Barkley? No Thanks... At Least for This Reason

Apparently many Draft Gurus say Arizona takes Barkley... Intriguing.

Jonathan Daniel

With the Seventh Overall Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select... Matt Barkley?

I though, "Hmm Okay" But then I went further down and saw this name... Manti Te'O. Now who in the world lets this guy drop to the Ninth Overall pick? I could care less if we went 0-16 and we NEEDED a Quarterback, he's a once in a lifetime Linebacker that you do not pass up on if he falls to you at nine. Yes he may sustain an injury in the BCS Championship game, or at the Senior Bowl, or whenever, but right now he's healthy and you don't pass up on him.

Luke Joeckel is even projected to slip a little bit. I now it's early for draft, but for Arizona to skip out on these two talented players for a guy who had a rough senior campaign is BAD. Only such teams with bad scouting like the Raiders would make the mistake to add Barkley, but then again it would complete the USC Quarterback house.