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John Skelton, Darnell Dockett, Daryl Washington graded worst at their position in Week 14

The Seattle game was particularly bad for these three.

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Kevin Casey

With the Cardinals losing 58-0 to the Seattle Seahawks, it was a display of poor play by pretty much everyone. However, there were three who were given particular notice by Pro Football Focus when they put together their "bad day" list of players who were the lowest graded for their Week 14 performances.

Those players were quarterback John Skelton, defensive tackle Darnell Dockett and linebacker Daryl Washington.

Skelton is obvious. He was -8.2 for the game ( that is really, really bad). He threw four picks in part time play before he was yanked again.

Dockett (-3.8) missed a couple of tackles in 39 snaps, but did not do anything of note. Interesting how he refused to let up and allow the Jets to score when told to, but when he should play hard, he is more or less invisible on the field.

Washington was graded -5.0 for three missed tackles, which according to PFF gives him 15 misses. There is apparently room for improvement in his game still.

If Patrick Peterson had not picked off the pass thrown at him, he probably would have landed on this list for his two special teams fumbles. Ryan Lindley easily could be mentioned as well.

Who played well? In the box score, you see Quentin Groves with a sack and a pair of QB hits. You also see Paris Lenon's 13 tackles. And that is about it.

That game against the Lions can't come quickly enough. Unfortunately it isn't looking like that game will completely erase the last one.

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