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Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb placed on injured reserve list

Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb, after suffering a rib injury in week six against the Bills, was placed on the injured reserve list on Wednesday.


As if there was any chance the Cardinals chance was going to try and play Kevin Kolb this season, all odds were crushed on Wednesday when the team officially placed him on injured reserve. Kolb's move to IR effectively ends his season and, quite possibly, his career as an Arizona Cardinal.

Kolb is set to make a total of $13 million next season, which includes a roster bonus that he would be paid in March. Unless he decides to restructure his deal, which he has not been asked to do as of yet, the chances he sees that money are slim to none.

In his two seasons with the Cards, Kolb has started just 14 games. A slew of injuries including a concussion, turf toe and the latest rib wounds have largely kept him off the field. When he becomes unavailable, the Cardinals are forced to turn to John Skelton and Ryan Lindley, which has proven to be less than fruitful.

Will Kolb return for another season? That remains unclear. What is certain is that he is at least done for 2012-13.

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