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Ready, set, change QBs! Ryan Lindley to start vs Detroit Lions

The Cardinals make a change at QB again, with two games left to go with someone different


The news the Kevin Kolb was placed on injured reserve was not a surprise, especially when reports came out that the team had added offensive lineman Mike Gibson to the team and also signed quarterback Brian Hoyer. With the move, Kolb's season ended, making it impossible for him to start yet again at quarterback for the team.

But even with that roster move, it did not stop Ken Whisenhunt from making another change at starting quarterback. He announced on Wednesday that rookie Ryan Lindley would start again at QB, a week after he was replaced by John Skelton, whom he had replaced the previous week.

You got that?

So, so far the position has gone like this -- Skelton and Kolb battled it out in the preseason without either separating himself much. Skelton is chosen the starter, then gets hurt. Kevin Kolb starts and actually at some point moved beyond Skelton on the depth chart. Then Kolb gets hurt, bringing Skelton back. Skelton doesn't play particularly well and the team loses a lot, so Skelton is benched during a game in Atlanta in favor of rookie Ryan Lindley. Lindley starts the next week and is bad. Skelton starts again and is even worse, getting benched again in favor of Lindley, who still plays badly.

All the time this is happening, Rich Bartel is tweeting that he would play for free and then that he would even pay to play, but despite his familiarity with the offense, he is still unemployed. Then the team signs Brian Hoyer...who knows why.

Now, it is back to Lindley.

It is the right move. Skelton was given the perfect opportunity to show the coaching staff he was going to be their guy, but failed, throwing four interceptions and scoring zero points.

At least it appears that Lindley has not reached his ceiling. At this point, Skelton is not clearly better than the rookie and the team can see if Lindley progesses from one start to the next.

So Lindley will start against the Lions. I imagine he will still start against the Bears, since Hoyer is still learning the offense.

But if i were a betting man, I think I would place a wager that Hoyer will somehow make his way into the starting lineup in Week 17 on the road against the 49ers, just to see what he's got.

In all seriousness, this is the right move, even if it still stinks.

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