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NFL expert picks: Our staff takes on Week 15

We make our picks for Week 15

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It was once more a mediocre week for the ROTB writing staff. It seems that most are losing steam from early success. I personally am trending in the right direction after falling off the 13-1 high. Then followed 5-11, 7-9 and 8-8. As you can tell, Tyler has caught me in wins and has done it with one less week of picks.

See how you do against us. The picks were submitted before the Thursday game. I just had not published them.

Jess Root: 123-85 (8-8) Bengals, Giants, Broncos, Packers, Browns, Texans, Dolphins, Saints, Lions (I'm done picking the Cards), Bills, Chargers, Cowboys, Raiders, Pats, Jets

Tyler Nickel: 123-70 (10-6) Lions, Bengals, Packers, Redskins, Dolphins, Giants, Vikings, Broncos, Saints, Texans, Seahawks, Chargers, Steelers, Chiefs, Patriots, Titans

Alex Mann: 112-80 (9-7) Cincinnati, Atlanta, Denver, Green Bay, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Detroit, Seattle, San Diego, Dallas, Kansas City, New England, Tennessee

Randy Fields: 89-47 (7-9) Eagles, Packers, Texans, Broncos, Dolphins, Redskins, Rams, Bucs, Giants, Seahawks, Chargers, Lions, Raiders, Steelers, Patriots, Titans

Skii: 120-72(11-5)

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