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Larry Fitzgerald wants to see 'everybody back' next season, but should we believe him?

Cardinals Pro Bowl wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald recently told a local radio station that he would love for 'everybody' currently on the team's roster to be back next season. The question is, why?


The Cardinals are set to fall short of the playoffs for their third straight year. Their final three games mean nothing more than evaluating players and seeing what kind of positioning they get themselves in for the upcoming NFL Draft.

There are so many things we can blame their porous season on. A lack of good quarterback play, injuries, a subpar offensive line; you name it. Whatever it is, it has cost the team nine straight losses and a seat on their couches come playoff time.

We know that there will be big changes on the team this offseason. Coaches will be fired, including the possibility of head coach Ken Whisenhunt. Players will be let go. People will be losing their jobs.

Despite all of the losing, Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who may not even be safe himself, says that he would love to see everyone back next season.

Via Arizona Sports:

"I love all my teammates and for every one of the 53 men here, I have a relationship with them, I would love to see everybody come back," Fitzgerald said Thursday. "But that's not my decision, that's for management to take care of."

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am not really buying this. This is the typical Fitz. He loves people and all of the players and coaches he sees on a daily basis, but deep down, he knows that he cannot win with this squad. He probably needs a new quarterback, a new set of offensive linemen and even some new coaches to reach the Super Bowl once again.

It is a nice gesture by Fitz to say he wants all of his teammates back. They are probably pretty cool guys for the most part. But from a football standpoint, he would probably rather be traded than to have to work with this same group of players once again.

And if that group isn't changed, that is what may end up happening.

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