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Cardinals will have moment of silence to remember those lost in Newtown

Every NFL team will observe a moment of silence before Sunday's game in order to remember those lost in the Newtown shooting tragedy.


It is really difficult to fathom the type of tragedy that occurred on Friday morning in Newtown, Connecticut. 26 people were shot and killed at Sandy Hook School by an enraged gunman, 20 of which were children between the ages of 5 and 10.

Many of us are left asking why something like this had to happen while we mourn the loss of all of the innocent victims. The fact that so many young, harmless little children were hurt really makes things all the more confusing and even more devastating. This is something that hit not just the town of Newtown, but the entire nation as a whole.

That is why on Sunday, all NFL home teams will be observing a moment of silence in remembrance of those that were lost in this horrific act. That includes our very own Arizona Cardinals, who will be hosting the Detroit Lions.

Although we know this is not nearly enough, it is a nice gesture by the league. No longer can we let these acts of attrition be looked at so lightly as they are remembered one day and forgotten about the next. The team will likely make some sort of donation to the families affected as well.

Please, while you watch the game on Sunday with your loved ones, remember this tragedy and think about how glad you are to have the people you love in your life.