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Sunday Night Football Open thread: The Patriots and the 49ers!

Could this be a Super Bowl preview?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We like good football games. However, this game is conflicting as an Arizona Cardinals fan. The San Francisco 49ers (aka "mortal enemies") play Tom Brady and the New England Patriots (aka, the smug mugs). However, this is going to be a game to watch. It could be a Super Bowl preview.

If you are watching the game, and you should be, come on in and talk about it. It is none other than an open thread for the Game of the Week.

Who do you want to win? Pats or Niners?

Will Tom Brady and his touchdown machine prevail or will the Niners defense keep them at bay? Can Colin Kaepernick keep it up?

All these are things to think about and to talk about as you watch this great matchup.

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