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Cardinals vs. Lions: What to Watch For

It's week 14, matchup between the Cardinals and Lions has plenty to watch for.

Jonathan Daniel

Peterson vs. 'Megatron': Arguably the best Wide Receiver behind our very own Fitzgerald, Megatron will get his first taste of one of the elite corners. Petersons coverage last season was tough to watch, but this season he's really shut down his opponent. If Peterson can hold Johnson to under 100 yards today his status in the NFL will soar, and he will be a surefire shot to make the Pro-Bowl.

Larry Fitzgerald vs. Lions Secondary: The Lions obvious weakness is to cover. If Lindley (that's a big if) can get Fitzgerald the ball, he's bound to have a field day, 200 yards maybe a few TD's... In a dream world.

Cardinals Run D: It's been... horrendous lately. The Lions have some good runners in the backfield, not the greatest but everyone needs to tackle and hold their lanes.

Brian Hoyer: There's no doubt in my mind Skelton and Lindley will do bad. This means how will Brian Hoyer respond. I like his upside with his limited time he played in New England. Hopefully he can take advantage of his shot.