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Kneejerk Reaction: Cardinals provide a picture of their season in a resounding victory

What's this unfamiliar feeling? Not since week 4 have the Cardinals, and their fanbase, been able to bask in the delightful warmth of a victory. And, despite everything that the Arizona Cardinals have shown so far this season, this game is a perfect snapshot of the true identity of this team.

I'd forgotten what winning felt like. It feels darn good.
I'd forgotten what winning felt like. It feels darn good.

Everyone and their grandmother realizes how inept our offense is, especially with the carousel of mediocrity that has been occupying the quarterback position, and Sunday's victory was no different. As per the norm of any other week, the Skelindleton led offense only managed to really score 10 points, and the only reason the Cardinals won this game is because of defense and special teams.

We know what we have at the moment at QB, Kolb notwithstanding, and we know that we're not going to beat any team in the NFL in a QB battle. The only way we can feasibly score points is by merit of the run which could possibly set up a handful of positive gains through the air, Beanie Well and his three touchdown runs can attest to that today. The offense isn't going to scared anybody in the NFL.

Defense is where each game will hang in the balance. Some games we'll be able to win simply by the defense shutting down the opposition. But on other days, such as today, they'll need to create their own offense if we want to win, and snap a nine game losing streak. The Arizona defense directly scored 14 points, and put the offense on the Detroit 2 yard line for another TD. If Arizona's defense doesn't create it own offense, there is no doubt in my mind that Detroit wins that game, at the very least they keep it close.

For the season, especially the last nine games, we can see that the defense plays fantastically (58-0 not including because I'm not talking about that game ever again), and the offense doesn't do anything. If the defense is unable to create their own offense via turnovers, or special teams via returns, than we will not win. Our defense at the moment may be a better offensive unit, then our actual offense.


- Potter and Massie's development gives Arizona some flexibility come draft day. With them and Levi we at least have a starting RT and great depth, but we also potentially have both our starting tackles figured out for 2013. RG becomes, in my mind, the biggest need to address in the draft considering the play of Snyder and the status of Kelemete every game day.

- I tweeted early in the game that I would kick my dog off a bridge if we had more pass attempts than rushes. Thankfully my dog is safe, but this should have been the offensive formula for the whole season. The fact that it's only coming into play now (when the season is over) exemplifies the need for at least a new offensive coordinator, and in my opinion a new Head Coach too.

-I don't know about you, but I could never cheer for my team to lose a game, no matter what benefits a loss gives us. That being said, this victory does hurt our draft status a lot. Top 5 pick is looking very unlikely right now, and the Cardinals could desperately use some high-end talent. Cards can't afford to draft outside of the top 10.