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Arizona Cardinals finally end losing streak, soundly beat Detroit Lions 38-10

Ladies and gentlemen, your Arizona Cardinals have won their first game since Week 5.


It's been a long, and very, very, VERY painful journey to get to here. So for tonight, let's enjoy the Cardinals 5th win of the season, and first win since the original undefeated streak.

The offense was, for once, not completely awful. Yes, it had its low points, like being 2-12 on 3rd downs, but as you can see from the final score, they were able to convert when it counted. RB Beanie Wells dominated today, turning 17 carries into 67 yards, and three TD's. QB Ryan Lindley, receiving the second start of his career, was, shall we say, "not horrible". Going 14-21 for 104 yards and 1 interception, Lindley was far from perfect, but he was able to string together a few good drives, which was all the Cardinals needed. Beanie Wells would ultimately score all of the Cardinals points on offense for the day. However, with the way the defense played, nobody complained.

QB Matthew Stafford, leading the league in completions, was held to 24-50 for 246 yards, with three interceptions. This stat alone should be able to represent how well the defense played today. Star WR Calvin Johnson was held to 10 catches, which is impressive, considering Stafford heaved it up to him 17 times. Although Johnson did tie the NFL record for most consecutive 100 yard games with 7 games, something most Cardinals fans are very bitter about (Given Fitz and all), CB Patrick Peterson still made a valiant effort on guarding Johnson for the game. In fact, Peterson was even on the opposite end of one of Stafford's three interceptions. As for the other two interceptions, S Rashad Johnson returned one 53 yards for the TD, and Greg Toler returned the other one 102 yards for the TD, ending Stafford's day with two pick-6's.

On Special Teams, RB Larod Stephens-Howling returned two kicks for 53 yards (With a high of 30 yards), and Peterson returned 5 punts for 54 yards (With a high of 16 yards). K Jay Feely was 1-1 on FG's, and P Dave Zastudil punted the ball 9 times, further progressing him towards the NFL record for most punts in one season.

The time of possession for the Cardinals was 28:46, vs. 31:14 for the Lions. They had 11 1st downs, and committed 6 penalties, which resulted in 50 yards for the Lions.

Next week, the Cardinals take on Jay Cutler and the visiting Chicago Bears. With the Bears still in contention for one of the Wildcard spots, the Cardinals will be up against a formidable opponent.

But for now, the Cardinals are winners. And if you're still with the team at this point of the season, then by all means, enjoy this victory for tonight. You've earned it.