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5 Positives from our First Win in Nine Weeks

Finally I can make positives without stretching!


1) Adrian Wilson:
He made one big play in the game, but that play did two things. It allowed for Beanie Wells to run for his third TD on the day, and it put Adrian Wilson in good company. He is now apart of the 25-25 club, 25 Sacks and 25 Interceptions. He has 25.5 sacks, and 27 INT's in his career. It may have punched his ticket to the HOF, it may not have, but he has solidified himself as one of the greatest players in Cardinals history.

2) The Defense:
Again they destroyed the opposition. Many people have said how much the Defense sucks after their poor performance last week. But like any good defense you have bad games, and you have good games. This was an amazing game. 3 picks and a muffed Punt. Two picks went to the house by Rashad Johnson, and Greg Toler, who's set the Cardinals longest INT return for a TD, previously held by Adrian Wilson, and former Cardinal, DRC.

3) Patrick Peterson:
He backed up his talk. Yes Megatron amassed 100 yards receiving, but Peterson himself held Johnson to 4 catches, with the other 6 coming from Gay and Rashad Johnson. Peterson kept Calvin Johnson out of the endzone. He also made some nice plays in the return game too.

4) The Offense:
Yes they didn't have great numbers, and all 3 TD's came from within the 10, but they limited mistakes and allowed the Defense to breathe. Their only long drive came away with 3.

5) The Win:
You could see it. Adrian Wilson shed a tear in his post game conference, Larry Fitzgerald laughed and smiled all game, Whisenhunt didn't seem so stuck up either. All around everyone seemed glad that they got their first W in nine weeks.