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Arizona Cardinals bonehead play of the game, week 15

What was the Arizona Cardinals' bonehead play of the game against the Detroit Lions?

Winner of the D'oh award for the week.
Winner of the D'oh award for the week.

It’s time for the bonehead play of the game; the Arizona Cardinals very own Homer Simpson D’oh moment.

From the game yesterday against the Detroit Lions, the Cards had a few of those special moments. The kinds of moments that make fans scream in disgust and/or throw the remote at the cat/dog/tv. Here’s my list of plays worthy of the title bonehead.

Jeff King called for holding on the Patrick Peterson run. This backed them up and was the precursor to a punt when the Cardinals were driving deep into Lions’ territory.

Ryan Lindley trying to squeeze a pass into double coverage to Jeff King and throwing an interception, killing another decent drive.

During a punt Mike Adams decided to mix it up with one of the larger Detroit players and was flagged for it.

Special teams are the chance for younger players to pop while on film, however rookie Zack Nash was caught on film holding during a punt return by Andre Roberts.

While most of the offensive planning surprised me in a good way, OC Mike Miller still has the tendency to run smaller backs (LaRod Stephens-Howling) up the gut. This leads to a lot of stuffs or short gains, making chain movement difficult.

While looking at the list of culprits, I’ve got to hand it to Ryan Lindley’s interception. That’s turning the ball over, something this offense can’t afford to do at all. Jeff King’s holding call nearly took the top D’oh honor with him being a seasoned vet, but the turnover still took top billing mistake.

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