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What was the Cardinals Play of the Game?

There are abundance to choose from, but only one may be the winner.

Christian Petersen

Pick Six #1: Rashad Johnson baited QB Matthew Stafford into throwing his way. He made Stafford pay as he jumped in front of the ball and let Washington block Stafford for the walk in Touchdown.

Pick Six #2: My personal vote goes to Greg Tolers 102 yard TD return. Sets the Cardinals single longest INT Returned for a Touchdown. Toler has shown glimpses of what could be had he not been injured last season, and much of this season. When he's in he makes plays, enough so to warrant consideration to finally start opposite of Peterson. He has better coverage than William Gay, and certainly better hands.

Beanie Wells TD #3: Wells third Touchdown was from 20 yards out, his longest run, and TD run of the season. While his season has been unspectacular, he's run hard in the red zone, acquiring 4 of his 5 Touchdowns inside the 20 yard line.

So who wins? I'm sure I know who it is, but it's always nice to pick.