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Todd Haley could draw interest from Cardinals if Coach Whisenhunt is fired

Following another disappointing season for the Arizona Cardinals, the team may be looking to go in a different direction with their head coach. Could their leading candidate be their former offensive coordinator, Todd Haley?


Many within the Cardinals fan base are sick and tired of Whisenhunt's losing ways. It's hard to blame them, either. The team has gone on losing streaks of six or more games each of the past three seasons. They have not sniffed the playoffs since Kurt Warner departed after the 2009 season.

And if the fan base wants Whisenhunt out bad enough, that is exactly what will happen. Team president Michael Bidwill is not going to sacrifice revenue to keep Whisenhunt around, no matter how much he may like him.

So if Whisenhunt does get canned after the season, who are some possible replacements? Well, that has yet to be determined. But you can bet that the Cards have one of the team's old acquaintances on their radar.

CBS Sports is reporting that former Cardinals offensive coordinator and Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is atop the Cardinals' wish list should the part with Whisenhunt. Haley is currently the offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but would gladly depart from that job for the chance to coach his former team.

Apparently conversations have already taken place within the Cardinals' front office regarding the hiring of Haley. The team already tried to bring him back last season, but he did not want to take a wide receivers coaching position and Whisenhunt was not going to fire Mike Miller to give him the offensive coordinator job.

So we have to ask, is this a good idea? Haley had limited success as the Chiefs' head coach. He never burned any bridges when departing Arizona, but is he honestly a better option than Whisenhunt? I certainly do not believe so. Like Whisenhunt, Haley highly benefited from having a future Hall of Fame quarterback at his disposal in Kurt Warner.

So, how about it Cards fans? Haley to AZ? It could be an interesting dynamic for the Valley media, but I do not think he's much of an upgrade over Whisenhunt (and not many are).

What do you think? Would you welcome Haley back with open arms, this time as the head coach? Tell us in the comments section below.

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