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Whisenhunt "one of the best coaches in the league", could be kept after this season

One Cardinals insider tells Pro Football Weekly that it is no sure thing that Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt is fired after the season.

Christian Petersen

Many assume that with another poor year from the Arizona Cardinals and another missed opportunity at missing the playoffs, it is a foregone conclusion that Coach Ken Whisenhunt will be fired after the season. Team president Michael Bidwill already announced that he will review all of the information he needs after the season and make a decision from there. Money will apparently not be a factor, even if Whisenhunt is owed in excess of $5.5 million next year, the last year on his contract.

I posted a separate piece earlier this morning regarding Todd Haley and his status within the organization. The front office seems to be enamored with the idea of bringing him back, as CBS Sports is reporting that he is atop their wish list should they decide to fire Whisenhunt.

But what if they don't? Apparently, it is further from a sure thing than we originally believed.

Pro Football Weekly, another reputable outlet, says that the Cardinals have truly not decided on whether or not to keep Whisenhunt yet. If they do, it would likely be in a reduced role in where he would not be making personnel decisions any longer. The Cardinals insider told PFW that, "if forced to make a prediction, I'd probably lean toward Whisenhunt staying and being forced to make huge changes on the offensive side. Then again, when you lose nine in a row the way they have, you have to wonder (about a complete housecleaning)."

He kind of went back and forth, saying that he could be kept on or could be fired. To me, it sounded as if the team source believes Whisenhunt will be back for at least the final year on his contract. He considers Whisenhunt to be one of the, "best football coaches in the league" and to replace him would be a difficult task.

If Whisenhunt goes, then general manager Rod Graves would likely be forced out the door with him. If not, Graves could be kept around for one more year as well.

In light of this new information, what do you think is going to happen? Should Whisenhunt be kept one more year based on how the Cards perform for the last two games? Is it time for him to go? How about for Graves?

Either way, I think there will be big changes, regardless if that is Whisenhunt being fired or not. I do not expect the personnel on offense to even resemble what the Cardinals have now at this time next year. The quarterback, offensive line and even the running back positions all need to be figured out and shored up. The assistant coaches, such as offensive coordinator Mike Miller, will likely be out of a job as well.

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