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Adrian Wilson reaches new milestone, establishes his legacy as one of the best safeties ever

Adrian Wilson recorded a sack on Matthew Stafford last Sunday, helping him to eclipse the 25 sack mark on his career and enter a new domain among the best safeties to ever play the game.

Christian Petersen

Another game, another milestone for Adrian Wilson.

This past Sunday, Wilson recorded a sack on Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, good for the 25th sack of his career. He had already broken the 25 interception threshold back in 2010, which now placed him in rare air among NFL players. He became just the sixth player ever to record 25 sacks and 25 interceptions in his career.

It's been a tough year for Adrian, too. The Cardinals have been losing left and right and he even saw a downgrade in his playing time due to a demotion. For a player like A-Dub, who has so much pride and love for the Cardinals organization, that became a hard thing to deal with. That much was apparent in his postgame comments on Sunday:

Via Arizona Sports:

"You know history is history...pretty soon somebody is going to break that," Wilson said with tears in his eyes. "I'm just going to relish in it tonight with my teammates, and you know it means a lot. I wish I was able to put it into words but I can't, I'm just too emotional right now."

Wilson has always been proud to be a member of the Cardinals, even if that means his achievements go largely unnoticed by the national media. Not once do I recall hearing about him joining the 25-25 club on any national outlet. No interview requests, no mentions of his accomplishment, nothing. But A-Dub doesn't care. He's just glad his teammates know it and know that he loves being an Arizona Cardinal.

It is his versatility that makes him so great. Although older now, Wilson is still able to play in coverage like a cornerback or blitz on the line of scrimmage like a linebacker. He has been a key weapon on the Cardinals' defense since they drafted him in the third round back in 2001.

His will and determination have made him a fan favorite around the Valley. You would be hard pressed to go to a game and not see the crowd flooded by red 'Wilson' jerseys. He has become a staple in the community and he loves living here. He seems to indicate as much during every press conference.

Unfortunately, Wilson can't stay young forever. He is on the decline in his career and there are rumblings that he may not return to the team next season. Although this would be unfortunate, it is part of the business. Football is a young man's game, which is why Wilson hasn't seen nearly as many snaps this year.

Still, he doesn't take anything for granted. His teammates recognize all of the hard work he puts in and despite being demoted, his leadership has not wavered.

"I mean it's just all the hard work that you put in, to see something like this happen, that's big to me and to my teammates," Wilson said. "I'm glad they were there to see it."

Adrian Wilson, forever an Arizona Cardinal.

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