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Cardinals V.S Jets: What to Watch For

It's week 13 in the NFL, we know who's out of the playoffs, and who's desperate for a win... Both teams are desperate.

Norm Hall

1) An Offensive Spark: Maybe we'll catch it today. The Jets defense is 19th in the league overall, they're the 30th ranked run Defense, and the seventh ranked pass Defense. This basically should entail that our running backs should have a field day if Mike Miller and the Offensive Staff did their homework.

2) Defense Getting Plenty of Turnovers: The Cardinals are 5th in the league when it comes to forcing a turnover, forcing a total 23 thus far this year, and hold a +4 Turnover advantage (shocking really). So our seventh overall Defense against their 28th overall offense, who hold a -3 Turnover Ratio. Defense again WILL have a field day.

3) Offensive Line: There finally seemed to be some continuity by the offensive line for a few weeks. But with Sendlein going down there could be some shifts over the course of the game between RG and Center. Rich Orhnberger could play at RG while Snyder plays some at Center, or vice versa. That means either Pat McQuistan will be upgraded to play today, or rookie Senio Kelemete will, and if he isn't it could be saying something about what the staff thinks about his progression.

4) Recievers: Injuries, drops, Quarterback problems... Those have all altered our receiving corps lineup. Roberts is battling an injury, while Doucet is expected to return. Leaving undrafted rookie LaRon Byrd left. We know Fitzgerald will start, Floyd will get some time, Doucet too. But where will Byrd play into this? So many Cardinal fans were excited following his Preseason play and feel like he is worthy of getting a shot in a real game. Will he get his shot today? Maybe.