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Cardinals lose an Offensive Shootout to the Jets 7-6

It can't get much worse for Arizona, as the team has now lost eight straight games, this one in embarrassing fashion offensively to the equally inept New York Jets. Lindley was awful, was never benched, and the Cards lost the game.

At least McElroysanity doesn't have the same ring as Lindsanity
At least McElroysanity doesn't have the same ring as Lindsanity

The first half was laughable bad. Up until Feely's last second field goal, which was only made possible by a fake punt run by Rashad Johnson, this tweet by Randy H perfectly summed up the first half from the game


Kerry Rhodes picked off Sanchez twice in the first half in his return to the Big Apple, one of which put the Cardinals in FG range, but a failed fourth down run stopped the Cardinals from scoring on that "drive". Patrick Peterson also pulled down a spectacular interception that will definitely be a contender for Play of the game.

Lindley's stats in the first half were flat out awful, going 6 of 20 for 48 yards and an interception, routinely missing receivers by 5 yards or more. The second half was even worse, as Greg McElroy, coming in for the benched Mark Sanchez, led the Jets down the field for the decisive (and only) touchdown, by passing to a wide open Jeff Cumberland in the endzone.

The game was just all around awful for Arizona as they went 0/15 on 3rd down conversions. Beanie Wells and Co. couldn't get anything working on the ground as New York repeatedly stacked the box. Lindley finished the game 10/31 with 72 yards and an interception. Despite Lindley's poor play, Skelton didn't even warm up, let alone play, to the dismay of Cardinals fans everywhere.

Cardinals once again were not able to capitalize on the oppositions turnovers, and have now lost eight straight after starting 4-0. Going into the day the Cardinals would have needed a miracle (along with a season ending winning streak) to make the playoffs, now that word can be taking out of the vocabulary for the 2012 season. If nothing else, this game proved that the Cardinals have to bring back Kolb for next season, ideally with a contract restructure.