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Arizona Cardinals Week Twelve: A Tale of Woe

Ryan Lindley and the Arizona Cardinals fail to take advantage of the poor play of the New York Jets, fall 7 - 6.


In the battle of #14's, The New York Jets Greg McElroy is better than the Arizona Cardinal's Ryan Lindley. Despite a benching performance that Mark Sanchez put forth for the Jets, which highlighted Kerry Rhodes intercepting him twice, the Cards managed only six points on the board.

At 4 - 8, the best the Cards can do is .500 if they run the table. Highly unlikely considering the schedule. Coach Whisenhunt said "You always do what you think gives you the best chance." Watching today's poor performance makes me wonder what the team thinks will give them the best chance next week.

Superstar Larry Fitzgerald, the man who has been mentioned in trade rumor articles had one reception on the day has maintained a poker face with regards to the offensive state of the Cards. "Struggling is struggling," Fitzgerald said. "It's been a struggle for eight weeks."

My vote for player of the day, Kerry Rhodes stated the obvious, "Whenever our offense is not able to convert third downs, it's tough for us." It's painful as a fan to see excellent defensive efforts fall into the loss column because the offense is dysfunctional. I can only imagine what the defense has running through their minds as this eight game skid continues.

The poor QB thrust into the deer in headlights role, rookie Ryan Lindley lamented his sub-par performance, while giving props to how the defense has played. "The defense have played their tails off all year."

And middle linebacker sensation Daryl Washington had this to say about the day. "Where do you go from here? We're trying to stay positive."

I know that Coach Whis is trying to keep the positive note, but after dropping eight, his words are wrong for the situation. "It's a shame we couldn't get a win out of that with the way the defense played." In thinking that through, it's been a shame for eight weeks. In all reality it's a shame that things have reached this point. Where articles are about how the head coach is on the hot seat and that your star WR may be on the trade market.

Larry Fitzgerald's words are what I leave you with. "You gotta laugh to keep from crying."

If that's where things are at, good luck righting the ship.