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What head coach can lead the Cardinals back to the playoffs?

Do you still trust Ken Whisenhunt?


With the season drawing to a close and the Arizona Cardinals not in playoff contention, fans look at the possibility that Ken Whisenhunt might be let go after the season is up. Some want him gone, some want him to stay.

In actual rumors, there has been talk about Ray Horton being promoted. Todd Haley, the Cards' former offensive coordinator, has recently been connected to the job that is not even vacant yet.

Of course, there are the names like Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher, who have apparently gotten pretty comfy in the TV jobs.

Then there is Andy Reid, or any of the possible coaches that will be let go once the regular season ends.

Maybe a hotshot college coach like Chip Kelly or Nick Saban. They might find their way to the NFL next season.

The question is -- who do you trust and who should be the coach to take the Cards back to the postseason.

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