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Stadium Journey reviews University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Cardinals

A website that has reviewed over 1,200 stadiums around the globe to date finally got around to reviewing University of Phoenix Stadium.


One of the best parts about going to a Cardinals game is the environment. From the fellow fans to the state of the art amenities, University of Phoenix Stadium has it all. It truly is one of the premiere stadiums to visit from around the NFL.

So Jason Bartel, writer for Stadium Journey, a website that reviews sporting venues all around the world, decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Bartel discusses the stadium's abnormal, yet unique shape, the retractable roof and field, as well as the various events that U of P has held over the years. The BCS National Championship game still holds the record for attendance at 78,603.

The discussion then shifts to the food, which received a 4-star rating, the atmosphere (3 stars) and the neighborhood it is in, including Westgate and the Tanger outlets at 5 stars.

The part that may irritate Cards fans is the "fans" rating of 2. I don't see how the fans really contribute to a stadium review, but even so, the review seemed a bit harsh. Here is what Bartel had to say after watching the Lions and Cardinals play this past weekend.

Sure you'll see Cardinals fans all over Arizona simply because the NFL dominates any other sport right now. But at the game I went to, if you just looked at the jerseys in the stands, you would have thought you were in Detroit, not Arizona.

This seems like a review based solely off of one game attended and nothing more. What the author fails to mention is that the team has sold out every home game since the stadium opened in 2006. What do you make of this?

Other than that, Bartel seems to be a fan. His closing comments included this:

Every sports fan should make the trip to Glendale in the coming years to see UPS. It is a truly one-of-a-kind place. A modern marvel.

What do you make of the review? Do you agree or disagree with the author's analysis? Was he too harsh on the fan base or did someone finally say what needed to be said? Tell us in the comments section below.

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