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PFF has 2 Cardinals as Pro Bowlers, and almost a 3rd

However, it may surprise you who is not in

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As we approach the end of the season, we can begin to think about individual accolades, especially with the season having gone the way it has for the Arizona Cardinals. It is almost time for the league to announce who will be on this year's Pro Bowl team. The real thing considers the fan vote, the player vote and the coaches vote. That sometimes does not end up having the best players at each position represented.

Pro Football Focus has put together its Pro Bowl team, based on the way they analyze performances. In the NFC, there are two Arizona Cardinals that make it. Of course, it is on defense. Anyone thinking for a moment that anyone on the offensive side of the ball would get in is crazy.

They have Calais Campbell and Kerry Rhodes in the Pro Bowl.

Here is what is said about Campbell:

The front seven is always somewhat of a mess in Pro Bowl voting with 3-4 players being grouped in different places and being compared against players in positions which put up far more gaudy statistics. However in spite of missing a long stretch of the season Calais Campbell's impact for the Arizona Cardinals cannot be denied as he put up strong pass rush numbers (5 Sacks, 9 Hits and 17 Hurries) and also brought a greater presence as a run defender than he mustered in 2011.

And Rhodes:

Mikell is joined by another safety who headed West recently and Kerry Rhodes has re-discovered some of his best form as a coverage defender and all round safety after missing much of the 2011 season.

The Campbell selection is actually a bit of a surprise, especially with the time he missed due to injury. He does not have the sacks that he had a season ago, but he has been better overall. Rhodes is a good choice. He has been very, very good.

The notable absence? That would be Daryl Washington. It wasn't by much. It was "the slenderest of margins" that he did not make it. Also not even mentioned is Patrick Peterson. In the real thing, I would think that Peterson and Washington have the best shot of getting in. Campbell plays at a position where other guys with big sack stats will get in, while Rhodes just doesn't seem to have the reputation after what happens in New York.

What do you all think?

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