Let's talk about the "Leadership" of the Arizona Cardinals

I have lived in the Valley for almost all my life. I have witnessed a lot of sports history. I remember when the Suns were the only thing in town. I was proud of the Suns. Because they were winners? Partly. Mostly because of the "Leadership" and character displayed by that Franchise. Oh,they never won a ring. But I have some memories that I will always be proud of. Memories of great people and players. The one thing you take away from all this? "Leadership" is essential to any Franchise if it is to have any kind of success.

Which brings me to the Arizona Cardinals and the present Dynamic. You think the fans in the Valley are fickle? Or do you think the Sports Industry has become fickle? Maybe both. I remember when the Bidwill's moved here. At the time I was too young to really understand the reasons why they moved here. But I was totally excited! NFL in the Valley of the Sun! No more Cowboy games every Sunday. First year was exciting. We had St. Louis Cardinal rental football. Well that's what it seemed like to me at the time. Lomax/ Green? They were St. Louis Cardinal greats! And low and behold. Here they were dressed in the same uniforms trying to win for Phoenix? Hmmmmm? Feels kinda strange.

This was on the heels of the USFL. An ill advised League! We had the Arizona Wranglers! Honestly? Can't remember much about that team. But I do remember a feeling of pride that they were our team. Gold helmets,local flavor indeed considering the State Capitol! The local feeling here was? We would land an NFL Franchise eventually. Just a matter of time. THEN WE LANDED ONE.

I write this as a unique life/ fandom experience for a reason. And I am sure it could speak to a lot of folks in my age range. The reason? I still don't really sense that this team is Phoenix/ Arizona's team fully. Can you blame me? The Bidwill's pretty much came here for money,money ,money. Not because they wanted to create something nice for the fans. Maybe I am a victim of being here too long. Maybe younger fans have the luxury of not having this context.

Above all. Even since they have been here? I don't get the feeling they care about the fans one bit! I keep hearing Mike Bidwill is different. Remains to be seen. Honestly though? They have not produced a lot of memorable players and Coaches. At least not as having been here for their whole careers. This Franchise may be just as transient as supposedly the Valley is. So what are the fans views? Do we deserve this? What are the expectations? I am asking myself that a lot. This has too be one of weirdest Dynamics of Fan/ Team in the League.

Oh and on this note. Heard that their were a lot of empty seats this weekend. A LOT! Not good Mikey. Hope you are determined to create something better. If they re-hire Whisenhunt? You know? Losing streak guy. Guy that cant win despite 6 TO's. Historical defeats. Then what is left to be said? NOTHING!

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