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Cardinals memories for the end of the world

The Mayans say it is done, so if we are still around, how about some Cardinals memories?


Well, supposedly it is the end of the world. The Mayans said so. That means that we need to think of great and wonderful things. Now, to be honest, football should be the furthest thing from our minds, but just in case there are some of you who can't get the mind off this wonderful game, let us reminisce about some memorable Cardinals moments.

Now, we all know the most memorable moments happen to come in the last few years. The first one would have to be the Larry Fitzgerald touchdown in the Super Bowl that made us all think that Arizona would actually freaking win the holy freaking cow Super Bowl.

There is also the Tim Hightower touchdown against the Eagles that got them into the Super Bowl.

Another sure memory is the playoff game the next year when Kurt Warner and Aaron Rodgers played like video game players and the Cards came away with the overtime win on Karlos Dansby's defensive touchdown in overtime.

But if you have to ignore those, what would go next?

The good:

Outside of those postseason moments, you have to look way back to 1998 when the Cardinals went to the playoffs and knocked off the Cowboys, only to then be shellacked by the Minnesota Vikings. That was a great memory.

There was Anquan Boldin's debut performance.

Jake Plummer's opening drive in the pros was pretty good.

After that, there isn't a whole lot. That's kind of sad.

The should have been good but were disappointing:

This is an interesting twist. I have several memories of things that I thought were incredible, only to have them eventually turn into moments I wish we could have back.

My biggest memory of this sort? That would be when Matt Leinart fell to the Cardinals at the 10th pick of the draft. I remember it because I was at a workshop for one of my other jobs and got the word on I was elated because I thought we would get our franchise guy. So much for that.

Another memory like this is also a draft day moment -- when the team drafted Beanie Wells. Once again I was sucked in to the possibility that the team had just drafted the franchise's best running back.

The bad:

Well...there are actually too many of these moments. That is what you get when you follow a historically bad team. Pick this year, last year, everything Derek Anderson, Buddy Ryan, Jim McMahon, gobs of running backs that never panned out.

The bad, but really funny:

Who could possible forget the postgame meltdowns on Monday Night Football -- Dennis Green in 2006 and Derek Anderson in 2010.


Is there anything I missed? What are your Cardinals memories?

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