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Is Patrick Peterson perfect?

He thinks highly of himself and he takes the words away from Ray Horton.


We all know that Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is good. We also know he is crazy confident. Darnell Dockett commented on the young player's way of going through life, saying PP goes about living "like it's his world and we're all just living it."

Peterson made some more noise this week, when he said he thinks he is the best cornerback in the league.

"I believe so," he said after practice on Wednesday. "I believe I'm playing at a top level right now. Week in and week out, I'm given the opposing team's No. 1 receiver and I believe I'm handling that pretty well so far."

He continued:

"I believe all the good corners have something in common, that's confidence in their ability to go out there and make plays for their team and themselves as well," he said.

Now, before we go and start talking about his ego, Ken Whisenhunt is quick to correct people who think he is just cocky. He works hard and studies film. He wants to be the best.

Defensive coordinator Ray Horton had even more to say about Peterson, as noted on Arizona Sports.

"How do you describe somebody that's smart, that's fast, that's strong, that's big, that has fantastic hands, feet, he has tackling ability, he studies, says the right things, was brought up the right way by his parents?" Horton said. "He is the complete package."

When I read that quote to my wife, she joked that Horton better not have a daughter, otherwise, Peterson might find himself married to her.

Horton goes on and compares him to Bo Jackson, saying Peterson could pull off the two-way player.

He really has made strides. He struggled a bit in coverage a season ago. This year I was surprised when I read that he was described as being on the cusp of being one of the best couple of corners. I thought he wouldn't be far ff, but it turns out that it isn't so crazy.

Now, the team schemes a lot of the defense planning on Peterson blanketing the opposing top receiver. He has earned a lot of trust.

Is there anything left for him to do? And more importantly, how good is he going to be?

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