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Arizona Cardinals as spoilers? Are you satisfied with that?

All that is left is pride and ruining other teams' seasons.

Christian Petersen

The Arizona Cardinals are no longer in playoff contention. They play the 8-6 Chicago Bears who have been sliding ever since a 7-1 start. The Cards know how that goes, having started 4-0 and sliding to 5-9.

Chicago is still in playoff contention, but are not doing well. In fact, should the Minnesota Vikings pull out a win against the Houston Texans, if the Cardinals beat Chicago, they would have eliminated the Bears from postseason hopes.

At this point, would you rather see that or would you rather that the Cardinals be competitive but lose, thus putting the team in better draft positions?

To me, the choice is easy -- you want to be a spoiler. Since there is "nothing left to play for" for the Cards and since fans like company in their misery if misery is being had.

I think what we have gone through qualifies as misery. I would say that it is a better day for me if the Cards win and knock the Bears out of the postseason.

I recognize that probably it is better for the franchise on the whole should they lose, but do so in competitive fashion. That way, the fans get a good show, but the result puts them in better position to get a more talented player in the draft.

But I will always hold to the fact that no matter what -- winning is so much better as a fan.

So you tell me -- do you want to play the spoiler, or would you prefer that the team finish miserably and look to 2013?

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