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Is Ryan Lindley really THAT bad?

It would look like it statistically


The Arizona Cardinals have really had a rough time at the quarterback position. 2010 meant the Matt Leinart mess, which was followed by the Derek Anderson mess, which ledd to Max Hall Mania, which ended in a shoulder injury. Then Skelton and Kolb and Skelton and Kolb and Skelton and then Lindley and Skelton and now just Ryan Lindley.

Needless to say, it is starting to look a bit like the 90s when the team tried and failed miserably at finding a quarterback at the level of Neil Lomax.

Ryan Lindley is the guy right now, whether we like it or not. Yes, there seems to be talent there. However, his production has been bad.

Just how bad?

There have been 46 NFL quarterbacks to attempts at least 10 passes. Lindley has the lowest quarterback rating of all of them. The worst.

This makes Peter King look both like a prophet and a crazy guy. He said that Lindley would be starting this season (prophetic), but he also felt that he would be one of this draft's most impactful players (that doesn't look so good right now).

Do any of you hold out any hope that he can develop? Or is he a lost cause from whom we have seen enough?

He does throw a good ball, but he also has a hard time placing balls consistently. His decision making has been in question, but then again, most rookies struggle with that, too.

For now, there is bad, and there is Ryan Lindley bad.

Luckily, he is young and can improve. Here's to hoping for greater progress against the Bears. I guess you can say it can't get any worse.

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