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Cardinals v.s Bears; What to Watch For

Here are some things that will be interesting to watch for in today's game.


Peterson v.s Marshall-
Another great WR that Peterson will line up across from today. Marshall isn't like Megatron who's a beast (congrats on the record too), but he's tall, fast, and his hands are just as good. Can Peterson do another fine job like he did last year.

Cardinals O-Line vs. Bears D-Line-
There's no denying the Bears D-Line is one of the best, and that ours is one of the worst, but getting better. In particular... How will Nate Potter hold up against Julius Peppers. A battle that has been overlooked much of the week but one that will be interesting. Potter has allowed just 4 sacks replacing D'Anthony Batiste. Henry Melton, with Snyder seeming to block better at Center, and Colledge not having to help Potter as much as he did for Batiste, should be shut down. Massie will probably get a taste of Peppers a few times today as well, he himself not giving up a sack since the Bye week.

Cardinals D-Line vs. Bears O-Line-
The Cardinals love to blitz, and the Bears O-Line struggles. Can the Cardinals get pressure on Cutler and rattle him enough that he's practically a non-factor? It'll have to happen since Matt Forte will be lining up in the backfield.

Forte vs. Our D-Line
We know we're bad at Rush Defense. Fortunately, we're coming off of one of our better rush defense performances against the Lions (not saying much) but this week it's Matt Forte. One of the better backs in the league he's been inconsistent this year with injuries and recovering from them, but he is 97 yards shy of another 1000 yard season. He may not be putting up TD's but with our rush defense the way it is, it's very possible he'll have a field day.