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Bears vs. Cardinals: 5 negatives from the 28-13 loss

The Cardinals are back to their losing ways and these five things surely did not help their cause.

Norm Hall

Another week, another loss for the Arizona Cardinals. This game was a bit different, though, as I thought Lindley played well for the first half and Larry Fitzgerald was actually involved in the offensive gameplan. Still, Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte and the streaky Jay Cutler got the best of Arizona.

Here are five reasons that the Cardinals now see themselves in the double-digit loss column.

Beanie Wells

Not only did Beanie not run with a vengeance all game long, but his fumble in the first quarter really got the Cards off to a bad start. Somehow he managed to slip on the goal line, fumble the ball and give the Bears a defensive TD. After that, he did not find himself in the doghouse, but he probably should have. He has no lateral speed and the interior of the offensive line is not good enough to help him pound it up the gut. I still think he finds a new uniform to wear next season.

Kerry Rhodes drops easy interception

The Cardinals had the Bears at 3rd and 6 deep in their own territory and Jay Cutler almost afforded the Cards their greatest opportunity of the game. A throw over the middle found its way right into Rhodes' hands, but he somehow could not manage to come away with the ball. Chicago still had to punt and despite the Cards starting at the Bears' 32, they could not score a single point after three bad passes from Ryan Lindley and a failed fake field goal attempt.

Fake field goal attempt

Once the Cards were unable to get any yards after starting the drive on the Bears' 32 yard line, they decided to go for it all on a Jay Feely fake field goal. Dave Zastudil flipped the ball up to his kicker and the play was sniffed out immediately. Having a kicker try to beat multiple defenders to convert a first down from ten yards away is a risky proposition. It was an ugly play from the start and instead of getting 7 or 3, the Cards ended up with no points at all.

Ryan Lindley

Through the game against the Bears, QB Ryan Lindley has thrown 117 passes on the season, completing 89 of them. That percentage may not be that good, but even worse is that not one of those 89 completions has gone for a touchdown. He has thrown more touchdowns to opponents (including the one to Charles Tillman in the 3rd quarter against the Bears) than he has to his own teammates. That's all we may see from Lindley, as Brian Hoyer came in to replace him in the 3rd quarter.

Oh, by the way, the Cards still have not thrown a TD pass since they were in Green Bay before the week 10 bye. So there's that. Pretty good barometer for how awful the Cardinals quarterbacks have been this season.


Patrick Peterson took a head to head hit on a punt from his teammate, Greg Toler, but he managed to be back into the game for the next series. The only other injury to report was to Rob Housler, who did not return after sustaining a right shoulder injury. The Cards now find themselves very thin at the tight end position.

What are your negatives from the game? Share them in the comments section below.

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