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Which, If Any, Get your Play of the Game?

It's hard to find one...

Christian Petersen

It may be hard to find one but... But thanks to I can see what they thought were plays that Arizona made..Luckily for us there's only two to choose from so your choice will be easier...

Adams Second Muffed Punt Recovery:
Adams has now recovered a muffed punt in two straight games, and if not for the rule that if the ball is touched by the opposition but it's not a fumble, than where the Cardinals grabbed it will be the spot, then Adams would have had a Touchdown, and possibly changed the dynamic of the game. Why the Cardinals find ways to score on plays that just happen to be unscorable... I don't know. Now if only our Offense could score...

Wilson FG Block, Bethel TD:
We all saw it. It was a nice way for A-Dub to go out. If it's truly his last game as a Cardinal, I'm glad he got the block, now if only Bethel had let him score it. But Bethel took it to the house for the first time since he destroyed the opposition in the Preseason. It gives us hope for the future.