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D'Oh, or the Arizona Cardinals week 16 bonehead award

Who was the recipient of the bonehead poll?

C'mon man!
C'mon man!

By now everyone knows that the Arizona Cardinals notched another mark in the L column, courtesy of the Chicago Bears. The current loss provides plenty of material for the bonehead award. My nominees are below.

We start with Beanie Wells, who set the Cardinals back when he took a hand-off from the two yard line, ended up on the ground, coughed up the ball and allowed Zach Bowman to scoop up the ball and score. C'mon man.

Next up is Ryan Lindley, who appears to have mastered the technique of throwing the pick six. This time the Cardinals were backed up on their own five yard line, with a second and fifteen play. Lindley is looking for Andre Roberts and finds Charles Tillman instead, who covers the ten yard distance to the end zone. Flawless Mr. Lindley, flawless!

The newest QB to the team, Brian Hoyer also managed to throw an interception on the day, while looking to target Larry Fitzgerald. Kelvin Hayden was the Bears player to come up with the pick, and he managed a decent return to put the Bears into the red zone.

Mike Miller and his consistent insistence to run smaller backs up the middle. It isn't working with the player personnel you have man, give it up. Please.

In the end I have to go with Beanie Wells. I've been down on him as a player before this, and then to go down like he did and cough up the ball where he was at just shows how unreliable he really is. He's said it himself, everyone is playing for a job.

What do you think, let the world know if the poll below.